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Self-produced energy for Net Metering

Net Metering Generation and Utility

Also, the small size of energy production helps to reduce the costs of energy transportation. Moreover, this is crucial for a new international generation model where the Net-Metering is so far the most extended model to build smart grids for distributed generation.

For example, if a family have solar panels generating energy mainly during day-hours (usually when family is out), the electricity generated in excess is sent to the grid making the Utility a debtor to the family. The family will make a use of this kWh “debt” during the night, or even during the wintertime if the policy agreement states that.

The current technology allows two types of self-generation installations via Net Metering:

  1. Single dwelling: Individual Net Balance
  2. Multiple dwelling and municipalities: Shared Net Balance


The Net Metering policy will allow the different types of clients to generate their own green electricity, but this process also will require the interconnection with a grid in order to send occasional excess of green energy and to import energy when the user’s demand gets higher than the potential generation.

This is the reason why the development of a smart grids is also very important. A smart grid is an electrical network that gathers, distributes and acts on information management about the behaviour of all generation and consuming participants in order to protect the grid from power outages and to improve the efficiency and electricity services.


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Autonomous house for electricity, hot-water and cool-air

Casa solar

Casa solar

An autonomous house not dependent on electricity or gas, one that generates its own energy and may even include a water collector of rainfall. This is called self-consumption and this just a real alternative to the current model of dependence, pollution and loss of energy in the transport grid. It represents the maximum savings for families and at the same time it is a solution to protect the environment and it does not rely on other countries, such as oil or coal is not required.

Why pay the bill for gas or electricity if we can produce energy at the same point of consumption and not to pay those bills ever again?

We can choose 2 solutions to produce our own energy and combine them according to our preferences and climate conditions

 1 -Electricity:

 A fotovoltaic house with solar energy and mini-wind energy

The photovoltaic panels convert sunlight into electricity for over 30 years, no noise, no smoking or consumption of any fuel. Energy is accumulated in batteries providing 230V AC, with the same quality or better than that delivered by electricity companies. Autonomous solar houses can accommodate them the connected appliances: televisions, computers, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, washers and dryers.

If the house is not isolated, you can connect the photovoltaic panels to the grid nnstead of using battery-acumalación to sell surplus and out making money. In Spain this is called procedemiento Net Meteringand is regulated in Royal Decree on facilities and small power consumption.

In addition to PV modules, the house can use autonomous small windturbines or mini-wind-Something that is becoming more common to supplement at night or in the stations under-solar hours 


2 – Hot water, heating and air conditioning

 A bioclimatic house with solar panels and underfloor for heating or cooling

The temperature control output of the accumulator and into each room is essential to harness the maximum energy. The heat pump can be an important element of support for starting, supplying cold water to cool through the soil and dissipate radiant overheating. Other supplements may be a biomass boiler or geothermal installation in terms of available resources in the locality or larger area of panels.

Ideally, to ensure energy supply throughout the year, under changing climatic and environmental conditions, is to combine the different sources. For example, the biomass using wood or pellet boilers and geothermal energy, using the heat and cold subsurface as appropriate.

Savings passive heating and air conditioning Insulation

The constant circulation of air produces a very pleasant climate, warm or cool the rooms and avoid humidity with no air currents

Animacion de energia solar pasiva Many errors are committed in isolation and preliminary design of the building. The hull of the house should be insulated as much as possible. The heat is achieved by a solar system directly and indirectly through the terrain. Also the heat and appliances give people radiation is used to heat the house. In a passive house air is circulated through heat recovery ventilation..


Buildings can achieve savings by using passive materials that allow accumulation. It is also necessary to use the best insulation to conserve heat accumulated during a sunny day. Also to minimize heat loss for buildings to be compact and is achieved by a surface of walls, ceilings and low windows for the volume they contain. This means that the designs of multiple wide-shaped wings or spine should be avoided preferring more compact and centralized structures. The buildings of traditional high compactness very cold climates are good historical model for an efficient building from the cold.

The windows are used to maximize the entry of light and energy from the sun to the indoor environment. On the other hand, seeks to minimize heat loss through the glass which is a very poor insulator. In the southern hemisphere usually involves installing larger glass surface to capture the northern sun in winter and restrict the maximum glazed areas to the south. This strategy is appropriate in very cold temperate climates. In warm climates to tropical using other strategies. The double glazed sealed (DVH) halved heat loss but the cost is considerably higher. It is advisable to plant in front of the windows facing the quadrants NO-N-NE, deciduous trees to block excessive sun in summer and in turn allow the passage of sunlight in winter when the leaves disappear. Perennial plants are often planted south of the building to act as a barrier against the cold southerly winds.


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